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Searching for the Amazon customer service phone number? Pause! Before you read any more, I needed to tell you that I've been completing somewhat more exchanging with Amazon. My investigation purchasing an iPod from them a year ago went well, and I've requested a couple of different things to a great extent. I have had a few issues that I've needed to manage through customer service, and I feel like they've truly made some huge enhancements since I initially posted their number in 2002. Above all, they presently post their number on their site. In the event that you pursue the "Get in touch with us" joins, you can get to this message:

On the off chance that you experience issues interfacing with our Click to Call service, you can call us without toll number for computerized help, +1(800)201-1917.

Things being what they are, the reason have you come here?

The numbers of letters and remarks I get have dwindled of late, and possibly that implies that there are less issues. Be that as it may, despite everything I get a great many guests to this site every month searching for these numbers. Possibly the way to discovering their number is excessively hard. Possibly the disappointment when things turn out badly is so overpowering individuals would prefer not to invest the energy to look. On the off chance that you need to reveal to me for what reason you're here, I'd be intrigued to know - simply click on the "Express" connect on the left half of the page.

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Presently included by mainstream request - The e-Bay, PayPal, Netflix and more phone numbers! These are some new phone numbers given by guests to this page.

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Initial, a note about calling customer service.

Keep in mind when calling customer service that you have something in the same manner as the agent you'll converse with on the phone. You've both been placed in a bad circumstance by the administration of Amazon.

Amazon's choice not to put their customer service on their "Help" or "Get in touch with Us" pages implies that after you experience an issue you wind up looking for their number for an irrational measure of time. After you at long last discover it, you call the number and after that are put on hold for a long time too. Odds are, you're disappointed, furious, and pushed beyond your limits when a customer service rep answers.

However, that rep is additionally feeling the impacts of Amazon's choice. The individual on the phone isn't an individual from the executives with basic leadership control. They're someone that required a vocation, and they took this one. Amazon's choice to retain the phone number from their customers implies that everyone they converse with resembles you: baffled, irate, and pushed beyond their limits. It must make their activity extremely hard. Wouldn't it suck to need to converse with individuals who are irritated throughout the day for eight hours per day? I'd prefer not to come to work!

Along these lines, when you call, attempt to remember that you and your customer service rep are in a comparable situation. You can wager that they're having an awful day.

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